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The Case
for PGSA

Creative young people often feel isolated, which impairs their ability to pursue their potential. The environment of the PGSA empowered young artists to find their voice, to find themselves, and to share that with the larger community.


  • PGSA Provided an unparalleled depth, breadth and scope of arts education which contributed to the growth creative and cultural leaders, as well as job creators.

  • PGSA made the arts accessible to promising students across PA, regardless of economic status PGSA provided a unique foundation from which we can develop a scalable and adaptable curriculum to be implemented in a variety of outlets throughout the Commonwealth.

  • PGSA demonstrated a strong commitment to arts education incentivizing our best and brightest to stay in Pennsylvania. It also drew new students and families to PA.


Without the A in STEAM, students of STEM could not realize their full potential as innovators. No scientist, mathematician, technologist, business or finance person can truly excel, invent or innovate without honing that capacity for creative and innovative thought. To advance rather than mimic, replicate or imitate, in any discipline, requires the many unique ways that the arts help us discover and develop and ideate.


By providing these summer enrichment opportunities for talented students with a demonstrated record of achievement and the potential to succeed, Pennsylvania is fostering its future leaders, innovators, and visionaries. The Governor’s Schools showcase some of the best educational opportunities that the commonwealth has to offer and forge networks among some of the state’s brightest young minds. In partnership and with a financial commitment from the state, a coordinated effort aimed at sustainability will secure the The Pennsylvania Governor’s School for the Arts into the future.

Key Dates


New Horizons in Education


Federal Grant funds a three-year project that demonstrated the importance of providing to talented adolescents a sustained, intensive, sophisticated, experiential learning experience under the mentorship of master artists.



The Pennsylvania Governor's School

for the Arts


The Commonwealth initiated the Pennsylvania Governor's School fo the Arts, based on the model of the pilot project.


Leadership development begins to be emphasized by education participants how to share their talents and energies with their home communities.



Pennsylvania Governor's Schools of Excellence


By the early 1980s, the continuing success of that program led educators to suggest that its basic format --could be adapted for other subject or intelligence areas creating:


The Pennsylvania Governor's School for ...

Agricultural Sciences

Global Entrepreneurship

Information, Society and Technology

International Studies





Funding Cut for all PGSE Programs


These schools offered "life-changing" experiences that fundamentally influenced the alumni's future careers and decisions in life. Education is one of the most precious things we can give to the youth. It is also one of the most needed, as it prepares the next generation of our young leaders to fix the problems of the past, deal with the problems of the present and to do the important work that needs to be done.


Ask any alumnus/alumna whether this is true from their time at PGSA and their answer will a resounding "YES!"

We can bring back PGSA.
Join the Action Team.

Thank You!

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